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Changing Strider's Life Ch.20
The only light in the room is coming from the big screen television. The room is dark and quiet except for the sounds of the movie. Bro is muttering things to Mituna, who is laughing quietly at them. Mituna is lying on the sofa, with Bro, not leaving any space for Sollux or me. Which I think is unfair but I don't complain. The four of us are watching the Matrix this time.
I'm sitting next to Sollux and the two of us are just holding hands, nothing more. Morpheus on the screen holds out two pills and all we hear is Mituna start saying "Take the red pill" over and over and we all laugh as Mituna continues saying. I look up at Bro and Mituna and Bro ruffles Mituna's hair. I feel Sollux remove his hand from mine and I turn to face him as he wraps his arm round my shoulders instead and pull me close to him.
I think it's about that time that I think something along the lines of "fuck this, fuck that, and fuck this movie" before I kiss Sollux.
Sollux doesn't kiss back straight away because he
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.19
I'm once again Dave Strider and I'm back at home, talking to Bro. He's planned a date. Well, a double date. A Strider and Captor date. How fucking insane is that? But he's only talking about that to keep the topic far away that he really wants to talk about.
The reason as to why I'm not wearing shades. I know it because he's staring at my eyes the entire time he talks. Or well, I can feel that he is.
"So, both Captors will be in for a treat tonight," I state simply.
"Yeah, they will. We'll be smooth Striders and whisk them off their feet," Bro replies, leaning back slightly.
"I don't think I'll be doing any whisking."
"Somehow, not with Sollux. He's doing all the whisking off feet. But enough about that. I know this isn't what you want to talk about," I say, sighing and then smirking.
"So you knew."
"I have no fucking shades on and I have no problem with it. I'm not kicking and screaming and begging for them so yeah. I knew," I say. "Questions?"
"Why?" is all Bro asks.
"My eyes a
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.18
Karkat is in the shower. I'm now sitting on Sollux's bed, feeling very awkward. I honestly don't know what to do.
The shower turns off. I glance up as Karkat walks out, the towel around his waist. His hair is soaking wet.
"So?" he says simply, walking over to his bed and pulling out some clothes.
"Fuck you," I reply, glaring at him. He hid my shades, so I'm sitting here, feeling very vulnerable still.
"That's not nice, prick," Karkat says, dropping his towel. I quickly avert my eyes, going red slightly. Fuck.
"I don't want to be nice to an asshole like you," I say, standing up, keeping my eyes away from Karkat. I start walking to the door.
"Where'd you think you're going?" Karkat says, not making a move to stop me.
"Outside. Away from you," I hiss, hate dripping from my voice.
"Without your shades?"
I don't answer. I just open the door and walk out, slamming it behind me. Some people in the corridor look at me, but I ignore them. I start walking to the library. As I pass people, I star
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.17
A few weeks on, Sollux and I are seeing each other even more, although we both need our space at times. Sollux has returned home to his dads and I'm currently waiting for him in his and Karkat's dorm. Karkat has been trying to get me out the past hour. But nope. I'm lying on Sollux's bed, not giving a fuck.
"Get out already," Karkat says for the hundredth time, sounding extremely bored and not really with any feeling.
"Nope," I say, smirking.
"Fuck you," Karkat says, shoving me over so he can lie down next to me. I look at him confused as he takes his place next to me.
"Why are you lying next to me?"
"If you can't get rid of them, join them," Karkat huffs, resting his arms behind his head against the pillow.
I laugh a bit and turn to face Karkat, leaning on one arm. "Glad you could join me."
"Well, this is a one time thing, Strider, so don't try anything," Karkat growls.
"Vantas, I have a boyfriend."
"Probably wouldn't stop you."
I quirk an eyebrow at him and he looks at me, where he t
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.16
"No, John."
"Just tell me a little!"
"No means no, John."
"Spoil sport, Dave!"
I sit back in my chair in the cafeteria and close my eyes behind my shades.
"Dave, don't you dare ignore me."
"Shut up John. Do you really want to know?"
I sit forward and glance around the ghostly cafeteria. Both John and I only have study today, no classes, so we came early for a change. The place is almost dead; there's a few people going about. Vriska is talking with Kanaya and Rose and there are a few other people I don't know.
"Fine. Sollux, Mituna and I watched X-Men and I fell asleep. Sollux moved me to get us both comfortable and when Bro returned home, I was only half-asleep and I think Bro joined us on the couch, giving Mituna a nice pillow. Not too sure though, Bro was gone this morning when we woke up."
"Cute. You think Bro's got a crush on Mituna?"
"John, my Bro, with a crush?" I burst out laughing. "You have no idea how stupid that sounds!" I notice Rose, Kanaya and Vriska looking at me
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.15
Sollux tells Karkat he'll be back to the dorm later and then we return to my house. I shout for Bro, seeing if he's left already. No answer. I head upstairs, Sollux behind, and push open Bro's door. Lying on the bed is Bro, who has sprawled over the bed and curled up by his side is Mituna.
"Mituna is…" Sollux glances at me. I shrug back and then glance at the digital clock by Bro's computer.
I head over to Bro's bed and shake gently. "Bro," I say. Bro wakes up gently, hearing my voice through his sleep.
"Dave?" Bro says a bit dazed. He's normally up and out her by now. He glances at his clock. "Shit." Bro quickly gets out of bed, forgetting about Mituna so he knocks Mituna awake. Bro quickly goes to change while Mituna sits up sleepily.
"Did something happen while we were at class?" I ask, smirking.
"Quiet, Dave," Bro says, no bite behind the command. His dressing is quick and he glances at us all. "I'll be back at the normal time, Dave." He briefly waves and it seems to be directed at
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.14 BONUS
"Well, they're gone now," Bro says.
"What are we going to do then?" Mituna asks.
"Well, I got to sleep because I have work tonight. You just do what ever you want. There are games, movies, and if you need money, just take the money off the table in the living room," Bro says, flash-stepping to his room.
Mituna stares blankly. "Okay."
Games and movies satisfy the bored Captor for a little while but then Mituna get curious. He never really got to see Bro's room because of the declaration of war. Mituna then gets up and heads upstairs. He stands outside of Bro's door.
Should he, or should he not? That is the question. Wait a minute, that's quoted wrong. Oh well, who cares?
Mituna decides he should. He pushes open the door very slowly and looks in. It's a normal plain white colour, as if Bro couldn't be bothered doing anything with his room. There's a wide screen television at one side of the room, with a large sound system. Then there's an orange futon where Cal and Bro are, Bro is sprawl
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.13
"I hate you!"
"I hate you more!" I shout over Karkat's head.
"I am late for class, asshole!" The insult comes out lisped and Karkat's head just bows over.
"Will you two shut up? I want to get some sleep!" Karkat shouts. I laugh slightly and sit down next to Karkat on his bed. "Get off my bed."
"No way Vantas," I say, leaning against the wall and searching my legs.
"I hate you."
"Love you too, Vantas."
"Sollux your boyfriend's cheating on you with me," Karkat shouts at the bathroom. Sollux walks out and just glares at the two of us.
"You two are ridiculous," Sollux says. "Now c'mon Dave. We have Music. I know you don't care that we're late but I do, idiot."
"Well, stop thinking about your hair," I say, smirking.
"I wonder whose fault it is that my hair ended up like that, and who made us lose track of time?" Sollux raises an eyebrow at me.
"Not me, that's for sure," Karkat says. "Now you assholes just get to class. And I don't ever want to come back to find
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.12
I am Dave Strider and my face fucking hurts. The blood has covered some of my shirt and my eye is even worse I think. It's actually closed now, behind my shades. We arrive back at my house and I direct Sollux to where he should park, so he can stay the night without his car being bashed in. I quickly get out and the Captors walk behind me, holding hands. Mituna's talking quietly to Sollux, asking what happened and Sollux is telling him. We arrive at the building and head up in the elevator. Sollux is hugging Mituna and he looks at me. I look at him briefly and then look away.
We get to the right floor and I let myself into the house. I try to be quiet, and get Sollux and Mituna upstairs. But the lights flicker on and I spin to face the switch. Bro's standing there.
"What the fuck happened to you, David?" I wince when Bro says my actual name, reserved for serious times.
"Sollux's father was going to punch him, and I kind of…" I shrug. "Acting the protector as normal, you know me," I say
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Mature content
Changing Strider's Life Ch.11 :iconluckykira:LuckyKira 8 1
Mature content
Changing Strider's Life Ch.10 :iconluckykira:LuckyKira 11 9
Changing Strider's Life Ch.9
I am Dave Strider and I finally got Sollux to shut up for a moment after getting out the house. "Sol, shut up." He nods and when I remove my hand he stays quiet. I kiss him gently on his lips for just a moment. "I want to say that I'm really looking forward to this date."
I watch Sollux as he starts going red and smiles at me. I smile back slightly and take his hand. Sollux leads me to his car and he opens the door for me before getting in the driver's seat. He starts driving off straight away.
"I've never done this before. And now this feels awkward," Sollux says. I glance over and smile.
"We're in the same boat then. Oh crap, that did not sound cool," I say, realising just how cheesy and stupid that sounded.
Sollux laughs and I frown at him. "Dave, you don't have to be cool all the time."
"You clearly haven't hung out with us Striders long enough yet," I say, leaning back.
"If you're dating me, then you're going to have to learn to deal with the Strider way… Crap. I keep
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Changing Strider's Life Ch.8
Ding dong.
"Bro let me out already! I need to leave!"
"No way in hell!"
I am Sollux and I can hear them shouting. I sigh and shift my weight from one foot to another. I press the bell again, surprised that there is even a bell.
Finally a tall blonde with spiked back hair answers the door. Bro Strider. "Hey Bro."
"'sup? So you really are the one taking the li'l man on a date."
"Er… yeah."
"Upstairs, first door on the left, here's the key." Bro throws me a key and I catch it and look at him questioningly.
"Okay." I head up the stairs quickly and try to go into Dave's room, which is locked. I sigh and realise what the key is for. I unlock the door and walk in. "Dave?"
I see Dave sitting on his bed, looking bored. He's wearing a red short sleeved shirt with a pair of black jeans that have been a bit worn with time along with his normal red converse. He looks up at me, shades on his face as normal. "At last, I can get out of here." He stands up. "Er… why are you in so much
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I'm no longer going to use this account. I'm also abandoning my account. I am moving to Tarakira :icontarakira: so if you want to watch for original stuff, go ahead.

Reasons I'm moving are because I no longer want to do fanfics. I'm stopping it entirely. I'm going to stick to original works.

Another is that bloody stupid meme.

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So I have a couple of things I wanna do just now.
-HetaOni Novel: Project for me for horror.
-The Disease of Chaos: Another writing project for horror.
-And that's all on my to do list. Drawing's more a hobby that I'd rather keep personal. Not good with digital. If I do something digital, I may put it up but I'll mostly do writings.



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